Rules for age differences in dating

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When you share a significant age difference with someone you are dating, you may not be at the same stages in life--which can be a serious problem.

If one of you is ready to settle down and have a family and the other has already done that, you may find that your compatibility doesn't override your needs in life.

The odds are also greater that one partner will be widowed while relatively young.

Wide age discrepancies mean couples have less in common.

Dating someone older means you have more of a chance that he will be cultured, educated, stable, successful and secure in himself.

Still, it’s wise to embark on May-December paths with eyes wide open, ready to face the joys and pitfalls along the way. On the same note, if you are older and dating someone younger, he may not be ready to settle down and commit.Sophie Southern has been a freelance writer since 2004.The reality is that life experience counts more towards maturity than a person's age, but you will notice differences when dating someone older or younger.In general, women tend to mature faster than men but this is not a steadfast rule.

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