Red deer dating services dating a bike racer

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Red deer dating services

We are involved with everything from movies and dinner to home parties and outdoor adventures! Although this is not an online dating site, we do encourage singles to mingle with each other whether your purpose is to make friends or to find a life partner.

Because the focus of our group is to provide as many opportunities as possible for singles to meet new people, try new things, and have fun together!

For many reasons, we encourage you to come out to activities to meet people rather than to personally message them to ask to meet.

If someone from within our group is harassing you or behaving inappropriately or offensively towards you please speak to the organizer and it will be dealt with immediately.I'm new to all this and am shy, so you have to be patient with me. I came out two years a go and have not been with a women. I am a hard working single Mom to my world and essence 6 year old daughter. My ultimate goal is to find my other half and the precious piece that completes a loving, equal, memorable 2 parent household.I'm a spiritual person and love sports both playing and watching. Origially from Vancouver and only in Red Deer as long as I have to be. I have been to many amazing places and have many more to explore. I give my all in everything I do, and my relationships are no exception to this rule.Love the Pride activities, and wish there were more in and around Red Deer. Oh ya and swimming with sharks is on my bucket list :) I am a triple, triple Tim's girl :) I'm not the best at describing myself But I love winner dogs, travelling, and trying new things. Low maintenance, not to say I don't have standards, but I don't need six figures, fancy cars or ripped biceps.

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:) I love cooking, and because I'm vegetarian, I enjoy experimenting with recipes. I enjoy a fun night out on the town with my friends, but I'm just as comfortable at home with a book, some wine, and music.