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Company Final Accounts: Books of Account, Preparation of Final Accounts, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Requirements of Schedule VI concerning Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet, Preparation of Simple Company Final Accounts.

Various fields of application of computers, Various fields of computer(Hardware, Software, Human ware and Firmware), Adavantages and Limitations of computer, Block diagram of computer, Function of different units of computer, Classification of computers i.

:) Do..while, while and for loop , Goto statement , Advantages and disadvantages.

Constructors and destructors; Copy constructor; Static class member, friend functions; Operator Overloading; Overloading unary and binary operator; Data and type conversions; Inheritance and polymorphism: PREAMBLE: The course aims at providing an insight into the various characteristics associated with the Software & software engineering.

Explicit Cost and Implicit Cost, Private and Social Cost.

Pricing Under Perfect Competition, Pricing Under Monopoly, Control of Monopoly, Price Discrimination, Pricing Under Monopolistic Competition, Pricing Under Oligopoly.

Concept of Cost, Cost Function, Short Run Cost, Long Run Cost, Economics and Diseconomies of Scale.Preamble: The objective of this course is to provide in-depth knowledge of statistical tools to the students to enable them to make statistical analysis in business/industry, which are also highly important for further studies in management.As it is an application oriented course so derivation/ proofs can be omitted.Introduction to Electronic Spreadsheets, Features of Ms-Excel, Entering Data, Entering Series, Editing Data, Cell Referencing, ranges, Formulae, Functions, Auto sum, Copying Formula, Formatting Data, Creating Charts, Creating Database, Sorting Data, Filtering etc.Unit-III Place: Types of channels, meaning & importance, channel strategies, designing and managing value network and marketing channel, managing retailing, physical distribution, marketing logistics and supply chain management.

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