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Radiocarbon dating the flood

quartz crystals, as seen today, would not have formed if the granite crust slowly cooled and solidified from a melt—even if a strong electrical field had been present.As the melt slowly cooled, each type of mineral would solidify once its freezing temperature was reached.

Arthur Lachenbruch has shown that millions of years of surface erosion would destroy the correlation unless radioactivity decreased exponentially with depth.Below is the online edition of In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, by Dr. We know radioactive nuclei have excess energy, continually vibrate, and are always on the verge of “flying apart” (i.e., decaying). [ The Fountains of the Great Deep Every phenomenon involved in the hydroplate explanation for earth’s radioactivity is well understood and demonstrable: the piezoelectric effect, poling, nuclear combustion, electron capture, flutter with high compressive and tensile stresses, neutron production by bremsstrahlung radiation, Z-pinch, neutron activation analysis, rapid decay of artificially produced superheavy nuclei, and increased decay rates resulting from high voltages and concentrated electrical currents.The various scales (such as time, temperature, and size) required—for example, in and around stars hundreds of thousands of times more massive than earth—are so large that experimental support for chemical evolution is necessarily limited.Experiments using particle colliders allow investigation of the interactions of subatomic particles traveling at very great speeds.

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[See See Figure 18.] For centuries after the flood, warm oceans and heavy precipitation (explained on page 134) would have generated even more frequent and severe thunderstorms.

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