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Her physical appearance, her character and her physique have also played a significant role and it seems like she is a crowd favorite, as well as has got many friends and companions.

With her decent and humble behavior and an intelligent mind, she quickly mixes up with new people and makes more friends than foes.

They were so cool, just the same in their private personae as in their public one.

And I thought, no, I won’t invite them to the farm.” Socialising with the Osbornes, however, does not rank as the worst compromise in her new life.

Photos of Olympia, a beautiful Goan whom he met in York, sit beside a photo of Rachel and Vince on their wedding day.

She was born on the 7th of November, 1987 in Arizona, United States of America as the eldest of two daughters born to father Kris Smith and mother Tracy.

That was unpleasant: for several days Vince got out of the house via the garage at the back. I saw the sheer anger she felt with him [her then husband Chris Huhne] for going off with that lady: I had such fellow feeling for her!

” The “fellow feeling” stems from Rachel Smith’s painful experience with her first husband, who deserted her for another woman after 30 years of marriage and three children, leaving Smith to manage the family farm alone. ” (The Huhnes’ home in Clapham, south-west London, is worth an estimated £2.3 million.) In 2001, four years after her divorce, Rachel Smith met Vince Cable when he was guest speaker at a meeting of the New Forest branch of the United Nations Association. That was not on the cards back then.” The Coalition caught them unawares, too.

More difficult still is living with media intrusion.

“The worst was being door-stepped during the Murdoch phone-hacking trial. ’ ” No wonder she admits to feeling “sympathy, yes sympathy” for politicians’ wives who rebel. She obviously does need to be herself and to be out there in the public domain, but I remember Sandra Howard saying: 'As a wife you don’t make a campaign, but you can very easily, inadvertently break a campaign.’ “As for Vicky [Pryce], dear Vicky…

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“When people mutter about Vince being leader, I ask: 'Has it occurred to you that the opprobrium Nick currently suffers will be our lot? We both have a Dutch connection (my ex was half-Dutch). I admire that.” She hopes that Clegg will be as “electrifying” when he takes on Nigel Farage, in the televised debate scheduled for next month, as he proved in the party leaders’ debate during the 2010 general election. They belong to that land of lost content, people, like Peter Hitchens, who just cringe from the world the way it is now.

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