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Puerto Rico was charged with the analysis of responses to the section on Natural Resources and Environment. A presentation based on these results was delivered at the annual meeting of the Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society in New York (AFHVS).

At the local level, collaborations have continued with the Natural Resources and Environment commodity in the organization and assessment of local research and education needs in this area. Carro-Figueroa TARGET AUDIENCES: Farmers, food and agriculture organizations, natural resources organizations.

Issues related to land use policies, water quality, economic development alternatives, migration, biofuels, and labor force policies are only a few examples of common contested areas for which information at the local level is needed to inform policy decisions.

Multistate research and education collaborations offer a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and information, and expand the targeted audience of our initiatives.

Non Technical Summary This is a new southern research and extension regional project aimed at providing a framework for the development and coordination of integrated research and education programs on public policy issues.

The Farm Foundation, who for many years facilitated public policy education materials development and delivery at land grant universities, is diversifying its financial and leadership support and has disbanded its National Public Policy Education Committee.

Research documenting stakeholders most urgent information needs, possible policy alternatives to pressing issues, and education on the expected consequences of different options, is critical for the decision making process related to public policies.

Needs-assessment of public policy issues to be prioritized locally will be conducted through attendance to different types of stakeholder's meetings, and through content analyses of local publications such as newspaper articles, reports, interviews and interest-groups pronouncements on selected issues.

Legislators and planning officials in charge of local food, land use, natural resources, and agricultural policy.During the life of the project other methodologies such as surveys and focus groups will be used to evaluate the impact of the education strategies devised.Progress 10/01/08 to 09/30/13Outputs Target Audience: Research and extension faculty, land-grant administrators, stakeholder groups with an interest in organic agriculture, organic farmers.Key outcomes or accomplishments realized: Change in Knowledge: Results of the online survey increased the awarenes of land grant faculty and administrators of the major issues faced by those involved in public policy education, along with the resources and disciplinary expertise available within the system.The educational activities locally developed increased the awareness of land grant faculty, administrators, farmers, and citizens interested in organic agriculture, of the issues and barriers limiting the expansion of this field in Puerto Rico.

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While the identification of issues and expertise available in the land grant system, as intended in the exploratory survey conducted under this project, is perhaps the initial step towards constructing a new network of collaborators, to be effective in the future, much more deliberation on the approaches and skills needed to succeed in the education process will have to take place.