Profilelooker dating site

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Profilelooker dating site

I have seen practically every cut and paste introduction to a romance scam that there is. We have found major scam syndicates running and taken them out.

Often, this means that we have wasted a whole year of scam time. When we began the purge we had hardly any attacks, and now we have dozens.

It's gratifying to know that people like you are out there and making a difference. I'm sure you got me gold status, but I haven't been there for a while, work and shifting countries slowed me up a bit You've done a great job cleaning PL up.

I have pursued the "rember distance and color" specialist to 84 addresses now.

Profile looker was once very heavily populated by both scammers and baiters, I used to find many scammers there myself with a profile I had there.

I dont mean to put you on the spot, but I roughly know some of these answers and I dont think you would you mind sharing the answers to my quesions.

This is a reflection on the damage and anger we are causing.

I am Admin on the Looker sites and have built a strong team there.

As if he had decided that this is the man I’m going to learn agenting from and therefore it is in my best interest as Lloyd to emulate him.

So I said to Amy, “This season let’s play a wardrobe game: if you have clothed Jeremy in episode one in a solid suit with a checkered tie then in episode three I want Lloyd to wear a solid suit and checkered tie."He's been helping her out and giving her good advice." A partygoer at Spin noticed that Jamie-Lynn looked like she was having a blast with her bud.

You also have the help of some very devoted romance baiters who I know do endless work to keep scammers from victims so I wish you well with the looker sites and educating your members who simply just want to find love without the worry of having some scammer not only steal their money but also break their heart. On Blacklooker we had 36,000 and now down to 29,400, but we have some banned and not deleted. We do have site specialists such as Lawyer2000/Dee on LL. We cover most time zones to get 24 hour protection. We had a few weeks of not being able to delete profiles after ban. For a guide we get about 8 attacks on PL a day, and a couple of waking sleepers. We know what they are doing, and part of their work day and internet caff fees will be wasted. We run searches on all IP and remove the last digits for the broader sweep.

On Dl and LL 3 or 4 each and sometimes 1 or 2 sleepers. We run IP chains,we have one at 1299 off one IP and another at 1400.

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Tagged search produced 20 using some of those email addresses there. I can't bait anymore but instead try to ensure they figure on web searches.

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