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The Heuer Carrera, however, would not receive a tacyhmeter scale at all until the mid to late 1960s with its 2447 reference NST and SNT – the "T" denoting tachymeter scale.

watch to wear the Speedmaster name, but rather those that we would classify as true "moon watches" – meaning those with a manually wound movement from Lemania, three registers, and no date.The very same year, we would see the introduction of the reference 2913 Omega Seamaster, a new serious diver's watch aimed at competing with Blancpain's Fifty Fathoms and the Rolex Submariner, both introduced four years earlier in 1953.Further, 1957 saw the birth of the reference 2914 Railmaster, a highly anti-magnetic watch aimed squarely at engineers, and combating the Rolex Milgaus, IWC Ingenieur, and even Patek's 3417.feature an Omega hippocampus, instead being totally blank for the most part with "Speedmaster" written on one edge.Having said that, it is indeed possible for there to be a seahorse on the flat part of the back – though "Speedmaster" must always be written on the edge of the back in this instance.

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I've also seen them with black bezels and alpha hands (what you'll find on the next watch, reference 2998).

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