Probability of acceptance in dating choice

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Probability of acceptance in dating choice

If my SAT Math score does not seem to fall into the acceptable ranges of the Colleges I apply to, is there a great chance that I will not be accepted?

– Nandita There is always a chance you won’t be accepted at a college.

It confirms the fact that curriculum, followed by performance in that curriculum, is the number one thing in which colleges are interested.

Good grades through the winter and spring are essential, and the college has given you a clue as to why you might have been deferred, and how you might get out of the deferral pool: consider ramping up your courses, if possible, in the spring.

You should not give up, but should continue to communicate with the colleges about your interest level in them, and your ongoing academic and extracurricular work.

The very specific advice you got from your first college is classic.

If so, how does that affect my chances at those schools?

– Jason The notion that colleges share information with other colleges about applicants and take into consideration where else they have applied is simply not true.

You could hear from a college even during the summer if they have not closed the wait list and are experiencing “summer meltdown” — the loss of enrolled students for various reasons.

If you feel that your daughter was well qualified for the college that rejected her, you can ask the high school guidance counselor to call the admissions office and inquire into the reasons for the decision.

While it is not the same issue, many students will enroll in their next best choice of college and either be happy for four years or do well enough to be able to transfer to their first choice.

Make sure to deposit at one school you have been admitted to, prior to May 1, so you don’t lose your spot. If your child is not admitted what should be in the appeal letter and is it likely that this will work?

– Christine Once admissions officers make their decisions, usually an agonizing experience for them when there are too many qualified candidates, they have to stand with this.

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Hi, I’ve recently applied to two selectively competitive schools.