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They were just so vastly advance, that they just simply did not last that long.

Proud owner and overseer of the Living Doll Enterprises LTD.

So Jessica had the perfect parents, she also had a grandma, Grandma Daisy, another girlie name and she nearly practically acted girlie too and she was at least a hundred and two years old.

Jessica could not be any happier, a new doll had been brought out in the Living Doll series, as great as they were, sadly they had a limited life span, so to speak.

The Valerians were surprisingly not offended by this, they felt a little sorry for those who felt intimidated by them, but it was something they came to accept and understand.

The Valerians almost lived in a land of wealth, though some struggled like any other human to pay bills and so on, just as a certain couple were struggling, Mrs and Mrs Buttercup, Susana and Katie had a darling little 6 year old girl called Jessica.

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The natural order of life you might say, the Valerians lived in a futuristic way, but there were some things that were old fashioned and nearly mirrored the way of Earth.