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Beyond that, both partners trying to build the feeling of a special connection may help increase commitment as well. On other occasions, the situation may be unfair: Someone is doing most of the work, the other is getting most of the benefit.

Overall, try to uplift your feelings and those of your partner to start—and then see whether there is still a tangible problem to solve. In these situations, the over-benefited partner needs to step up (or be motivated by the under-benefited partner to do so).

Particularly, the couple should address the imbalance, focusing on the needs that are not getting met. Even when you bring the good things back into balance, hard feelings can sometimes linger.

Giving gifts of appreciation that meet those needs and rewarding partners for their good contributions can help too. Further, partners might still need to work on some bad habits or be argumentative about certain topics.

Russia has an embassy in Damascus and Syria has an embassy in Moscow.

Russia enjoys a historically strong, stable, and friendly relationship with Syria, as it did until the Arab Spring with most of the Arab countries.

Nevertheless, over-benefited partners may want to take note too, before your partner gets upset, begins to withdraw their support, or leaves altogether. Remember, equity does not necessarily mean "equality"—each person does the cooking or pay half the bills.

The treaty runs for twenty years and has automatic five-year extensions, unless one of the parties terminates the agreement.

We all probably all know at least one long-suffering martyr who has been persuaded to feel obligated to some ungrateful mate. Are people fair or selfish in their romantic relationships? Specifically, they looked at a subsection of research on Hatfield and colleagues' (2008) survey of the research found support for these propositions in romantic relationships.

Not to mention, the media often portrays dating couples and relationship partners more like predator vs. Overall, both short- and long-term couples had better outcomes when they felt they were getting what they deserved and the trade was fair.

In the long run, though, those uneven exchanges typically result in a lack of satisfaction and commitment.

Therefore, if you want a relationship to go the distance, it might be best to balance what is in it for you with what is in it for about fairness? Equity in Love Relationships Elaine Hatfield and associates reviewed about 30 years of research to answer these questions (Hatfield, Rapson, & Aumer-Ryan, 2008).

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The general question is simply whether both partners are getting a satisfying deal in exchange for what they are putting into the relationship, or whether someone is really getting cheated. In this case, the couple may need an exciting night out or an intimate conversation more than a shared chores list.

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