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Only very slowly public law became a science proper (L650/261).But the theory of government remained an overarching theoretical concept in continental Europe right to the end of the nineteenth century (e.g. 002 To-day, at least in Europe, such a unity is at best a historical recollection.Soros is peddling financial and political influence through the Institute On Medicine As A Profession which he founded in 2003 with a .5 million grant from his umbrella group, The Open Society Institute, a leading promoter of health care reform.In its Mission Statement, Soros’ Institute On Medicine As A Profession calls for centralized regulation of the medical profession: Here.

And yet the instruments for such theoretical and empirical analysis are there.

supporting Obama’s health care reform plan have failed to capture the enthusiasm of the American people, 60% of which, reject Obama’s scheme to nationalize their medical care.

The rallies were organized by Health Care for America Now!

003 Public law as a scientific discipline has been part and parcel of this development.

On the one hand it has benefited from compartmentalization.

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Each year, The Campaign for America’s Future holds a “Take Back America” conference, a gathering of DC “progressives,” (a euphemism for “Marxists”).