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Plenty of fish australia dating site

There is a new Australian population of manta rays.

The Scuba Clubs Association of New South Wales held their first combined outing on Sunday February 23rd. First front cover colour issue of Dive Log Australia was published in May.Les Catherson (Treasurer) and Julie Duncan (Secretary).Technical diver Pat Bowring disappears off the coast of Sydney whilst diving on the deep wreck of the Paddle Steamer His body was never found and there is some mystery as to how he went missing.Popular Dive Log newspaper this year in November produced its 100th issue.The first issue, 8 years and 4 months ago consisted of 16 pages, today it has 100 pages chock full of interesting happenings in the sport diving field.

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Of the 8000 dives Jane has made, 2000 have been in caves.

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