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Your peepshow is only as good as the performance you put on for your partner.

Learning some sexy dance moves will crank it up a notch and leave you partner in a sexual frenzy.

The easiest way to create a homemade peep show is to take a doorway in your house and completely cover it in aluminum foil.I apologize for any mistake that would hurt your eyes!I am in love with books, music and long walks in nature, i m thrilled by mature men who knows how to make me lose my control.In fact, creating your own peep show at home can be a great way to become closer in a new relationship.No matter how long you have been together you can explore your sexuality together when you use a homemade peep show to do it.

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To add to it, consider purchasing remote controlled sex toys, including a vibrator that one of you uses while the other one controls it.

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