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Panro seks

mottoes, die deutsche iiatur schwebt ueber den volkeni. if e four fundamental principles v a good language- construction b true, thn it follows tht only homogeneous tongues en b good in e highest sense v e word. we violate all e four principles v good language-con- struction by saying ichthyology n humerus, instead v say- ing "fishlore" n "armbone"; as e continental teutons say, fischlehre n armbein, or fiskelaere n armben. les allemands ont une langue, les francais n'ont qu'un jargon. e ease v e suggestive action s strong in proportion t e number v times e words n ideas h bn associated in consciousness. thr en b no doubt about tht, whc s e first prino iple. whn We start from e known words, as fish n lore, and say fishlore, we understand e new unknown term at once, while if we say ichthyology, we sin against e third fundamental principle. whn we start from e simple words arm n bone and say armbone, we do start from e simple t e complex, while if we say humerus, we violate e fourth principle, yea!

secondly, if it b true that "e more mental energy re- quired t master e words, e less mental energy is left for e ideas contained," thn tht again points t a small well-known homogeneous basis, for only such basis re- quires e least mental energy for mastering e words n leaves e greatest surplus mental energy for e ideas con- tained — as armbone for "humerus" n fishlore for "ichthy- — 4 — thirdly, if it b true t'"lansuagp shcl proceed from e known t e unknown.' thn it also points t a small homo- geneous basis, because in e experience v childhood, where ideas oris^inate, only e homcg Dneous native words cd b well-known ones fourthly, if it b trut' that languas'e should proceed from e pimple words t e complex, thn it again follows naturally tht we must build on e homogeneoui, native saxori, Teutonic words, because only tuch words are e simple ones by whc we en build up e higher ones; a?

if a man receives a letter in alteutonik he en hunt up a ger- *'esperanto" n "ido" en not b understood unless it s learned first, whc very few h done, or wl do. e teutonik name i h called ths ])ropo£ed language "'teutonik" because tht s e most generic native name, generally understood n used, tht i en find.

'"alteutonik" wl also b e easiest n most complete n reliable union tongue for e english-speaking peoples t learn n t introduce as e only national home language. "english" or '"simplified english, new english, anglc-saxon," cr "anglo-german" wd not h in- cluded e Scandinavians n holiauders, but "teutonik" (teu- tonic) is e generic name for our whole race, n moans e people.

A A 5 7 6 9 3 alteutonik, 1915 a union tongue for all teutons) (weltsprache) by elias molee UNDVERSITY OF CALIFORNI AT LOS angele; •FROM -THE- LIBRARY- OF OTTO • BREMER (a union tongue for all teutons.) (welt&praehe.) by elias molee. thr en b no solid n pervading harmony in any language unless it agrees wth e four fundamental princ- iples, if we study those four principles further, we shl find tht they all naturally point toward a concentrated homogeneous basis. if frequency v association between words n ideas s necessary t a strong or vivid suggestive action, t hn it follows tht, if we want our ideas t b easily understood n remembered, we must choose such words as h bn fre- quently associated in mental experience, n such words wl always b e frequent native words heard in childhood, n tht implies a small homogeneous basis, because only such a basis en naturally h hd a required frequency v associa- tion between words n ideas.

if it b true tht "e ease v e suggestive action s strong in propor- tion t e number of times e word n idea h bn associated in consciousness," thn It wl b required t choose such words or combination v words, whc memory hs already regis- tered in consciousness; tht s, take arm n bone n from that develop armbone, n not say "humerus"; in other words, build from within n from below, as e greeks, Scan- dinavians, old anglo-saxons, n germans, n not build from outside.

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e germans being so widely scat- tered n so far advanced in culture n so great language — 6 — students.

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