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Vona was founded Charles Von der Ahe as Von’s Groceteria in Los Angeles, California. Vons has gone through several acquisitions and is owned today by Safeway Inc., a leading U. Safeway acquired full control of the company in 1997 and has since then operated Vons as a subsidiary. Recently, I went to my local store in Studio City, CA, hoping to find a few loaves on the shelf. I went to the store to buy Mandarins for .99 for a 3lb. The produce manager said that product was not in stock for the last several weeks and does not intend on restocking it. They don’t keep well wet, you can’t use or chop wet Parsley in many cases.The supermarket chain has 225 stores in California and another 20 locations in Nevada. Answer 1: The phone number for Vons is (925) 467-3000. I inquired in the bakery department if the store had any loaves in back, and the clerk took me to where the Sheepherder bread had been placed. This is done to get you in the store and is dishonest. They hire employees who are convicted felons and are wanted fugitives of the law. She has an outstanding warrant and is on the lam from Dekalb county, Ga. The expensive asparagus is lying there stacked, breaking the tips and drying up.She response was cold and unwelcoming and she casually stated she will pass on the information to the store manager.Her immediate reaction SHOULD HAVE BEEN TO IMMEDIATELY have the items removed for purchasing instead it seemed like me bringing this matter to her attention was an inconvenience to her.Mind you this is NOT the first time this problem has happened to me and Vons NEVER takes the initiative to contact the customer about items missing or over charged for when they catch it.I have the feeling this is being done intentionally and needs further investigation by the Government.This is the original email sent and their reply: [email protected] [email protected] via rxsafeway. AM (10 hours ago) to me Greetings xxxxxxxxxxx : We are writing in response to an email we received regarding your recent order.We apologize for the inconvenience of being charged for items that you did not receive.

I then asked her again to provide me with the information and informed her I will contact the health department that is when she gave me a receipt ripped with the manager name and store phone number.

Visit the region pages below for contact info, business hours and directions.

Vons is a supermarket chain that operates supermarkets under the Vons and Pavilion banners. Safeway acquired an ownership stake in Vons in 1988 as part of the sale of most of its supermarkets in southern California and southern Nevada. I had been shopping at Vons (several locations) for the Sheepherder bread, specifically.

My most recent order was an estimated 5.56 I believe.

When I was actually charged for my order it came to 0.

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