Optus trouble validating name

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You may be able to back up your messages to your computer. Transfers are usually completed within 24 hours and take place Monday to Friday from to AEST/AEDT, and Saturdays from to AEST/AEDT.

Transfers don’t take place on Sundays and public holidays.

This information is used to validate your details with your current service provider.

You are generally the ROU holder if you are the person with a contractual relationship with the service provider and to whom the service provider issued the mobile number.

You won’t need your existing SIM once you transfer to Vodafone, but don’t discard it until your transfer is complete.

We recommend you back up the information on your SIM prior to transferring your number. Contacts may be stored on your phone or on your SIM.

Your number will need to be active with your current provider at the time of transfer.TARGET=","redirect To Optus Care":"https:// To Register":"/registration","legacy System Url":"https:// Forforgot Opt":"","validation":,"contact Optus Modal":}" widgetid="login" bootstrap_src="/etc/designs/springd/clientlibs/uxf/businesswidget/repository_l9_common/common/utils/bootstrap.e75f1068ff0ce049ecb6.js"Welcome back.Please log in using the email address you provided when you signed up.\r\n\r\n","email Not Valid Msg":"Your username is the email address you provided us with when signing up.\r\n \r\n Otherwise, please upgrade your username to an email address.\r\n","service Permission Message":"You access to see information on present on the last page which you were trying to visit, please Login in or Register to see the details.\r\n\r\n","optus Login Url":"/id/forms/login.sm","email Label":"Username","password Label":"Password","labelvalue":"Stay logged in","btn Login Text":"Log in","forgotten Details":"Forgotten your username or password? ","register Now":"Register Now","sm Secure Url":"/secure/sm/login.process","login Page Url":"/my-account","prepaid Target Url":"/my-account/my-prepaid","service Target Url":"#","postpaid Target Url":"/my-account","email Not Verified Msg":"Email is not verified","failure Msg":"Your username and password don't match - something's wrong","validation":,"email_placeholder":"Email","password_placeholder":"Password","redirect To Register":"/content/optus/en/registration"}"Forgotten your account number?The time it takes to transfer your number will also depend on the systems and processes of your current service provider.We will try to complete the transfer as soon as possible, however delays can occur.

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