Only lunch dating prices

Posted by / 21-Oct-2020 20:08

Only lunch dating prices

At one point, I posted a negative review, like this one, of them on yelp and received a call that I needed to take my review down within 24 hours or they would write something negative about me.

They take something so potentially good and make it so bad.

At that point I resigned the remaining months of my membership (with no refund) rather than waste any more time. That is where the perceived great costumer service ends.

I was asked a series of questions about myself and what I was looking for in a person.

When I signed up for IJL in Seattle I trusted my interviewers to be able to find me dates with men who were sophisticated, stable and interesting. Two of them were dressed poorly, one was in a very bad mood and two said that the staff had begged them to have a date with me and told me they were neither interested nor had time to date anyone.

I expressed my concern to Holly several times but was told that I was difficult.

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Then and only then would I decide if this was a wise investment. I wanted to see what others thought of their experience with IJL Seattle. (1 in 10 if that) Post after post after post on multiple boards stated the same horrible experience; many specific to the Seattle office. What I got was one of the hardest sales pitches I have ever received with a ridiculous defensive attitude.