Online matchmaking for dating

Posted by / 01-Oct-2020 11:17

Online matchmaking for dating

Those, at least, are among the findings of a team of academics led by University of Chicago psychologist John T.

If someone’s actually offered maximum disclosure with minimum delay, isn’t that a lot like knowing all about the foibles of the girl next-door—only faster?

The new survey suggests that genuinely scientific or not, the sites are doing something right.

“The vast plurality,” 45 percent, of those in the survey who met their mate online found them through a dating site.

But are all those newlyweds just sticking together for the statisticians?

Across demographics, onliners topped offliners in self-reported marital satisfaction.

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(Please note that the survey was commissioned by e Harmony; Cacioppo is an adviser to those folks and co-author Gian C.