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You’ll need to cook and stack pancakes, french toast, and waffles in Papa’s latest time-management game.

The hands-on gameplay of the series returns, with new challenges related to stacking, arranging toppings and pouring syrup.

Different play modes, boards and difficulties are available to choose from.

Convert all the nodes to your color before your opponent does!

SHIFT 3 is here, and it's unlike any Shifting experience you've had before.Features: * 5 endings * 5 - 30 minutes each play-through * Surreal, original art and story **Warning: contains explicit handling of suicide.** -- ・ 。 ☆∴。 * I made this in 48 hrs for LD Compo 41. Hope you enjoy :)Mouse Only, HTML, Art, Surreal, Cat'The game follows Isolde, a young girl who realises that the moon has gone missing.It is now up to you as the player to figure out why and make everyone else notice that the moon has in fact gone missing this game was made over the course of a week with the help of my brother (the music).This game was made in Unity engine with the help of Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photohsop.Adventure, Side Scrolling, HTML, Exploration, Atmospheric, Mystery, Interactive Fiction'Infectonator 2 is here!

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Infectonator 2 gives you all the awesomeness of Infecting people, turn them into zombies, and dominating the World once again!

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