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Online dating trends usa

Females developed a hymen and males developed a penis in which the prepuce, by being phimotic, impeded erections and thus successful penetration of the female.

Both conditions were painful impediments to first intercourse.

These factors do not explain, however, the selection pressure for phimosis, nor the rearrangement of the glans and prepuce.But once virginity had been lost they no longer impeded reproduction.So today, in Western Europe, parents commonly intervene to make the foreskins of boys retractable, but in countries where this is not practised, the majority of young adult males suffer from phimosis (see later section on physical problems and phimosis) Once these obstacles have been overcome and intercourse has occurred, the foreskin is redundant and explains why, in adult males, it often does not cover the glans.This created an uniquely human paradox - adolescents needed to go through puberty in order to develop the bodily strength required for adult skills, yet it was important for them not to use their biological ability to reproduce during this learning period.Such a situation favoured natural selection of modifications to the genitalia capable of hindering early intercourse.

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