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Posted by / 03-Apr-2020 08:18

Yet for some reason, I’ve never heard of anyone using it in online dating.Perhaps it is because there seems to be a “disconnection” between the various girls on online dating websites.So what’s the trick to getting your first message read and not thrown into the trash bin with the rest?Here it is: Make her feel like she is better than the other girls online on a deep, intellectual and spiritual level.I go on to explain why she is different, and I even congratulate her for it.

Doing it in this fashion will ensure that you do not lose any value in the process, and she will definitely read your message and respond to it. We all know this and use it to our advantage out in real life all of the time.Her online day involves clearing her inbox of hundreds of e-mails from guys that are all similar; all begging, and all lame. You MUST stand out or you will fail, plain and simple. Well, she knows that most men simply send many similar copy-and-paste messages out to loads of girls online hoping to get a single response from just one of the women.She’s evolved to recognize and ignore these types of initial messages.Lots of guys say teasing her is the way to go, but I’ve developed my own theory on the subject.Poking fun at a girl online may work, but she will respond much better when you joke about the OTHER girls on the dating site, not her.

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They seem to go absolutely nuts over this, and almost always respond to my first message when I do it this way.