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Before that, the Marais was far from rainbow washed, acting instead as a hub of Jewish life and Chinese immigrants.

These tips were provided by the folks at The Gay Locals, gay guides in Paris offering private tours to all travelers, LGBT or other.

There I am sipping a flat white, they love their flat whites over here, and listening to this Aussie lad bang on about how he’s really into minimal techno.

I’m nodding away to the sounds of Bros and smiling to myself, he probably thinks I’m being ironic or something.

The gay community, however, has faced change before, and it’ll take more than a Prada shop to snuff out the city's gay scene – plus, who buys Prada anyway?

With that in mind, here are ten things you probably didn't know about Gay Paree: In 1750, a gay couple was burned to death in front of the Hotel de Ville for being gay.

If it’s not bread, it’s the galette des rois, a raspberry tart, or a brioche in the shape of men’s privates. (Photo: Legay Choc/Facebook) After marriage was legalized for all couples in France in early 2013, there were still plenty of protests from conservatives.

None, perhaps, were as shocking as that of 78-year-old Dominique Venner. Photo: Dennis Jarver/Flickr) In May 2013, he entered the popular tourist attraction of the Notre Dame cathedral, left a letter on the altar, and shot himself dead in front of shocked visitors.

The current ambassador to Rome is a gay man, as is the assistant mayor of Paris, Bruno Julliard.In one popular ladies-only nightclub, Le Monocle, women would dress up in tuxedos alongside other women sporting traditionally feminine garb.It was a sort of golden era of lesbian nightlife that Paris hasn’t seen in the past decades. Photo: Rosa Bonheur/Facebook) But according to Time Out Paris, "Le 3W Kafé" in the Marais could be a good place to go considering the 3W stands for "Women With Women".For example, King Henri III in the 1500s was allegedly more interested in his male entourage than his own wife. Photo: AFP) Violette Morris was a lesbian who collaborated on secret projects with the Germans during World War II.And the Chevalier d’Eon was a famous transvestite who worked as a spy and diplomat in the 1700s under Louis XV.

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