One year dating anniversary gifts for her

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One year dating anniversary gifts for her

As most people know, that first wedding anniversary is the Paper Anniversary.If you are looking for a 1st anniversary gift, obviously you could just go with cash - that lovable, spend able paper gift, but let's talk about making something a lot more personal.

Buy Now On Amazon You may not have a superman in the kitchen, or maybe you do, but there are all sorts of practical and also humorous aprons, made of cotton, which would make a fantastic and affordable second anniversary gift. Also available at grocery stores and corner stores, if you are in a pinch for a last minute idea.Don’t forget that these ideas can be mixed and matched, catered to your needs, and you can always add a personal touch.Obviously your spouse has his own tastes, and not everything is for everyone!However, if paper isn't really your thing, think of ways you can "bend" those paper anniversary rules a little.You can make up a coupon book on your home computer offering free services like house sitting, lawn work, help with a hard project...

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It opens up a great number of possibilities for gifts for your fellow.

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