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Matsumoto Jun is a man with a mission when he finally assumes the role he’s been groomed for all his life.

But there is someone who wants to do away with him and will stop at nothing until he’s out of the game for good.

Performing in Sapporo, Tokyo, Kyocera, Nagoya & Fukuoka, the “Arashi Live Tour 2016-2017” will kick off on November 11 and wrap up on January 8 with a total of 18 shows. [ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2016-2017] Friday, November 11 - Sapporo Dome (Hokkaido) Saturday, November 12 - Sapporo Dome (Hokkaido) Sunday, November 13 - Sapporo Dome (Hokkaido) Saturday, November 19 - Tokyo Dome (Tokyo) Sunday, November 20 - Tokyo Dome (Tokyo) Monday, November 21 - Tokyo Dome (Tokyo) Friday, December 2 - Kyocera Dome Osaka (Osaka) Saturday, December 3 - Kyocera Dome Osaka (Osaka) Sunday, December 4 - Kyocera Dome Osaka (Osaka) Friday, December 16 - Nagoya Dome (Aichi) Saturday, December 17 - Nagoya Dome (Aichi) Sunday, December 18 - Nagoya Dome (Aichi) Monday, December 26 - Tokyo Dome (Tokyo) Tuesday, December 27 - Tokyo Dome (Tokyo) Wednesday, December 28 - Tokyo Dome (Tokyo) Friday, January 6 - Fukuoka Yahuoku!

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Ohno has lived in the forests in Hokkaido, the Cayman Islands, and Hawaii, which all inspire his continued representation of what he calls the primeval forest.

In fact, many of Ohno’s images are germinations from his own observations and experiences.

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When they discover a strange new app that combines the rent-a-room-on-the-cheap business model of Airbnb with the hook-up mentality of Tinder, their lives will never be the same.

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