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Intelligently.”The service now has 300,000 active users and a 500,000-person waitlist.The business operates on what’s known as the freemium model.They’re not all pretty, he notes, but they have nicer profile pictures and they’re all working or in school.While Feldman doesn’t insist on finding someone who makes as much or more than he does, he’d prefer to date someone with an education, because it makes for better conversation and because she needs to be “presentable” if he takes her home to his family.Just two years later that figure had almost tripled, to 27 percent. have long gravitated to cities, a preference that’s grown more pronounced in recent years.“I would prefer to meet someone organically, but if I’m in an airport, and just walking to and from the office, that’s obviously not going to happen,” says consultant Joslyn Williams, who moved to the Chicago area from Nashville in November and immediately signed up for the League. Across America’s 50 largest metros, more than half of adults living in city centers in 2015 had degrees, up from 29 percent in 1990.That’s partly because of their higher wages and partly because they’re far more likely to marry than their noncollege peers.

On the League, below the half-screen photo of a potential mate, you’ll find a name and crucial details: age, location, height, education, profession, and interests—from podcasts to wine to triathlons.The services are facilitating unions between educated, affluent millennials who are clustering in such cities as San Francisco and New York.In the process, they could be helping to intensify America’s growing income inequality, as well as wealth disparities between metropolitan areas and the rest of the country.Likewise, 33 percent of inner-city residents were between 22 and 24 years old, up from 29 percent in 1990.Those trends were even more pronounced in cities such as New York and Chicago, based on a University of Virginia analysis.

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Such apps have become an integral part of the millennial mating game.