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Guiding your way from structure to structure are people who are hula-hooping and swinging fire torches and using those light-up finger gloves.

To be clear, I’ve definitely thought about going full Burning Man just by myself.

‘Artists,’ trust-fund babies desperate for a taste of ‘real life,’ actual artists and a few journalists who can’t believe they’re getting paid for this gather in the desert to not shower, trip their balls off and trade bits of pipe cleaner for quinoa patties.

After a few days of incomprehensible insanity, during which a few masterful works of art are created (and a lot of really bad ones), everyone buries their flower crowns and and runs, hollering and nude, all the way back to San Francisco, Portland or New York City to gush about how the desert changed them, how the gifting ‘economy’ really just makes sense and how we wouldn’t understand.

We encouraged labels, friends and venues to start back in 2010 as a way for more bands, fans, venues, etc.

to get in on the fun of the festival,” says Hopscotch Festival founder and director Greg Lowenhagen.

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very year around Labor Day, a group of 60,000 people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for a week of bacchanalia and “radical self-expression.” But what actually happens at Burning Man?

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