Not being desperate dating

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'And tomorrow, I'm gonna get you for what you'll do today.' To teach his sons not to leave their window open at night, he'd climb into their bedroom screaming, his face hidden by a mask, pretending to be a burglar. 'Boy, you just signed your own death warrant.' Then he held Michael upside down by one leg and pummelled him over and over.

One favourite ploy was to use outlandish disguises on conspicuously extravagant shopping trips.

He also told the world that he slept in an oxygen chamber that would enable him to live to be 150.

It was a complete fiction, but word of Michael's latest wacky exploit spread round the globe, helping to sell more records on the way.

'But tell me this - why do you have to be so Shortly after they had married, she had seen for herself how flimsy was his take on the real world. He began to show signs of a deep insecurity, even inadequacy. 'I was worried about him, but I hoped he would grow out of it.' He never did.

As they were preparing to leave their suite in Trump Tower in New York, Michael put on his mask, sunglasses and make-up. As an adult, he once said in a weary voice: 'People don't know what it's like for me.

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You have such a good heart, Michael,' Lisa told him. But the public interest in him was such that if he entered a room with any of his famous brothers, he was the one to whom everyone would flock.

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