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Not accommodating

Their restaurant was situated with a very nice view, I must admit. They said food will be served around 20-30 minutes, and that was okay for us, but we looked around there are like 5 other tables that weren't served yet and there are only 2 persons working in the kitchen. As far as I know hospitality is the foundation of a hotel or of any place for that has accommodation for that matter.

COLUMBIA- Kirsten Richards said she's a conscientious voter.

Richards always uses her passport, which expired in 1994, as her form of identification when voting.

Richards said the election officials claimed it was just a document confirming her name and address were correct.She said the whole situation would've been resolved if the i Pads at the voting center had that function turned on, which is as simple as hitting a button."What they should have done was adjusted the machine that I was trying to sign so it would read because it was already capable of doing that," Richards said."If I go to a restaurant and can't read the menu, and they read the menu to me, that's fine.Worst case scenario, I'm going to get food that I didn't expect," Richards said.

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