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Norton antivirus 11 mac updating error

Is Java 1.4.2 part of the current OS or was from previous OS?Anyway when I tried downloading the Java 1.4.2 Update, my i Mac refuses, in the installer it says: You cannot install Java 1.4.2 Update 1 Package on this volume.You need to uninstall a Symantec product for Macintosh that is installed under Mac OS X.You have tried several methods, including manually uninstalling or running the Symantec Uninstaller without success.Which took me a long while but seem unable to locate this download... However, because I own The X Lab™, a commercial Web site to which some of these links point, the Apple Discussions Terms of Use require I include the following disclosure statement with this post: I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link. Smoke, I have the same Java version as yours stated in your post. Smoke, not exactly sure how to go from here where you point to the URL, about checking the console messages/logs for Live Update? Just got another email from Symantec, telling me to download the Virus Def manually, then wait for a few days and see what happens.Thanks and cheers If you run into the same error on your i Mac G5 at home, you could also then immediately check the ends of these Console logs for additional clues, e.g. Also, to the previos post, I trashed all the Java receipts and still unable to (re)install Java 1.3.1 and 1.4.2 Release 2, I think the console results say it all, I have Java ver. But the evident at the office, where two macs have 10.4.8 updates, and probably the same files structure (particular to Java), and they preform the Live Update normally, worries me.

not a complicated machine, she just surf and email. Makes me wonder if somebody has finally written a bug that keeps us from accessing Symantec support. The one time when the page did load OK, clicking one of the links on the page resulted in the browser still hanging.

I ran from within Activity Monitor to capture a trace of Safari while it was hung.

I've sent this, along with a detailed report, to Symantec.

So, it looks like something could be amiss with the Symantec Support web page. I'm keeping an eye out for the next NAV virus defs update to test this again. Because I threw away the downloaded installer file, a few days later I wanted to go to the same page to download the Virus Def file to install on my sis's Mac mini, same like was reported previously, Safari will not respond further then the Download link, Rainbow wheel...

I have to force quit Safari, this happens on both Safaris on my i Mac and the Mac mini.

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The Java 1.4.2 Update 1 requires Java 1.4.1 to be installed so if you already have Java 1.4.2 that's why you get the error message because there is nothing to update.