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Aronia is a rapid grower, and a nursery size bush or plant becomes an impressive shrub in a few years. Iowa is great land for growing aronia berries, so consider planting aronia berries in Iowa today.

The fruit are ripe in late August early September and have a long harvest window of four to six weeks.

We will be meeting at the Omaha Marriott, 10220 Regency Circle, Omaha, NE.

The location is just off I-680 at Dodge Street with the Westroads Shopping Mal, Regency Shopping, and dozens of restaurants' within blocks.

Not a long time ago the term “National Parks” came into existence.

Every nation on this planet has national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, which is developed and maintained by the federal government and is kept well protected by the state, for the future of the jungle animals as well as global warming purposes.

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Not many people why and how the concept of national parks came into existence in the USA.

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