No cc meet and fuck

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No cc meet and fuck

I flash a knife by your face and tell you to do what i say and you wont get hurt as i crush my body against you and pin your face against the cold brick wall." MMmm your a hot tight little thing aren't ya" I sneer. I grab your hair and whisper "scream bitch and i will make you suffer for hours..I start to strip you right there in the alley, you panic and realize what is going on. You try to bolt but i grab your hair and slam you down hard on the storage box causing the wind to be knocked out of you.I reach for my knife and slide the tip lightly across your face your helpless now as I cut your thin white shit off your tight little body, exposing you to the rain even more.

Your late out of class and you get on the wrong bus heading for home, your cell has died cause you were sexting with that cute guy in your computer class.

I push my hard cock against you as I slowly lick across your hard nipples, back and forth causing you to moan again..

your hands grab my head and hold it to your tit as i suck and bite them back and forth...

I start to work lower and lower making you rub your little cunt like the slut you know you are..

Back and forth against your little clit harder and faster I force your hand.

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You stop knowing it's not a good idea to go that way so you duck into an alley.