Nigerian internet dating scam stories updating uc application

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Nigerian internet dating scam stories

I heard from him Saturday morning say that he was robbed and all the money is gone.

That’s when I realized that I was in the middle of something awful.

You've added so much to my life, you make me feel things I did'nt think I would ever feel again.

it makes me feel wonderful, like I really matter to someone.

He emailed me back saying that he was able to come up with all but ,000 to get home.I was sick with worry that this little girl needed medical help and he had no money to help her. He called me from the airport when the authorities began yelling and told him he was going nowhere until he paid taxes on the income he made in South Africa.I didn’t hear back from him until late that night saying he and his sick daughter were with the customs authorities insisting he pay them ,000 in taxes.I wired ,000 and he would pay me back as soon as he got home and deposited the .5 million.I spoke with him this past Friday when he was at the bank cashing the money I had wired him, and then he was going to the tax officials to pay them off.

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