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Posted by / 30-Apr-2020 08:05

This expenditure was worth it around the time of the Date My Mum Channel 4 show where we received 54 sign ups within an hour, during the program.

The concept is therefore proven to be successful in the marketplace; it just needs a buyer that has the resources to put some funding behind it to create a solid marketing campaign that will boost sign ups and brand exposure.

It has huge potential to grow even larger, especially on a global level.

There is a growing social following for Date My across Twitter and Instagram so this can also be picked up and not started from scratch which is always hard to do.

To meet and exceed customer satisfaction by continuing to provide safe, interactive, affordable and technologically progressive dating services to a growing membership base across the world.

Cupid Media's company philosophy includes the salient points that we believe will help us create and retain a loyal membership base while maintaining high ethical standards to achieve profitable growth.

I have figures that show the dramatic increase in sign ups when marketing is in place.

The revenue model and economics can be sent so that you can see the kinds of figures you’re looking at once members are charged for a subscription.

Date My encourages singles’ nearest and dearest to help them find love.We are international market leaders in many of our chosen niche markets and the company has helped over 30 million people look for love across the world, covering North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.Our sites are equipped with the latest and most progressive technology to make online dating an enjoyable and interactive experience.In such a competitive industry carving out a niche takes time, money and a very unique idea.My online matchmaking website has proven to be unique enough to stand out against the mainstream and other niche dating websites.

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