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Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter, Molten Gold, 6.7g - Buy from Amazon Maybelline Makeup Master Chrome Metallic Face Highlighter, Molten Gold Bronzing Powder, 0.24 oz - Check Price Unemployment and Depression are two side of the same coin.Are you being unemployed and depressed without job for 6 Months and want to Get Recruited but not getting any interview calls.This may help if you are going to resign a job or unemployed for quite sometime.When I quit my job, I had a job offer in my pocket. I went to home, took days to see what exactly I wanted to do and started blogging. The more hours i put, the less money I was getting. I stopped blogging and send resume to many employers.Here are some things or pointers that will help you restart your search for jobs or help you to figure out solutions.Find good model of portfolio, CVs and Resume and start adding your information. higher positions or roles / lower positions Apply for unemployment benefits from Government even if it is really less.Take your time and go through each point and choose that fits your interest and skill.

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Do you have a 6-month unemployment period after graduation or Unemployed For over 6 Months after resigning from the last job.

Getting unemployed and depressed is a normal phenomenon of many and you can use this time fruitful.

There are millions of people in the US who are unemployed and depressed and you are not alone.

Here are 14 Tips if You've Been unemployed and depressed for Over 6 Months on how to improve your chances of to get a job, earn some passive income while having no job, escape from usual rejection e-mails, and increase confidence.

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My family started pointing out that I am unemployed and should start looking for a job. I could not convince them about my path nor I could not show them any result. If I clearly remember I send resume to at least 22 employers.