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The tour removes combat and missions from the game entirely and allows players to immerse themselves in locations and historical figures as they explore Egypt.Yes, you will still climb in , but climbing up towers to scout your surroundings, a staple since the beginning of the series, will be gone in this iteration.Bayek will wield both hand-to-hand weapons and bows and, as shown in the gameplay trailer, when shooting an arrow, players can sometimes see it travel in a slow-motion, first-person perspective toward its target.

As Bayek, players can use a wider range of attacks.

While earlier games often saw guards waiting for their allies to attack, they will gang up to strike in , so you have to position yourself accordingly.

It’s unclear if it will change any other aspects of the game, such as the time it takes for Bayek to get spotted while sneaking around or the effectiveness of his eagle vision.

They don’t appear to be purchasable using real cash.

However, it’s possible that drachma itself will be offered for real cash, as was the case with the “Helix credits” in .

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Bayek and his wife, Aya, have aligned themselves with Cleopatra against the organization, as the Egyptian Assassin works to prevent the Romans from seizing control.