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This was the portion that Jerome translated and its format can be seen below.Jeromes translation is the most accurate version of this book that has reached us. The lefthandmost he headed as Kings of the Persians (or whichever other empire was current at the time).Eusebius himself compiled a chronography of this kind, which is today known as book one of his Chronicle, and has the title The Chronography.But the problem for the reader was how to link information about rulers and events in one kingdom to events in other kingdoms.There were also systems like Ab Urbe Condita (AUC from the founding of the City, Rome).

Eusebius did not collect the materials himself for his work, but relied on whatever works he could find which gave brief lists of events and rulers.It is the first text in which we see an attempt to accurately date all the events of times previous.Every event is assigned to a date, the kings and the dates are drawn up in columns, and brief notes made against each.Thus for each year there was a line on which information could be entered.Also, by running along the line, it could be seen precisely who ruled where at any given time.

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To do this, Eusebius took the then new medium of the codex (the modern book format, as opposed to the roll) and exploited the concept of a page. The righthandmost he headed Kings of the Egyptians, so long as there were any.

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