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Yes, it was man made but seeing the lava field, one can easily believe it was all supernatural.

Its mineral-rich waters are believed to contain some healing powers for skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema.

It was surreal and many people’s description of being “otherworldly” was absolutely right.

The Blue Lagoon was located 20 minutes from the Keflavik International Airport making this a popular stop for visitors when arriving or right before leaving Iceland.

Despite growing up in the islands, I’ve never been comfortable in a bathing suit.

This first series post is about its most recognized attraction – the Blue Lagoon.The kids equated the lagoon to a giant pool so they were excited. The nearby Svartsengi power plant pumps geothermally heated seawater from thousands of feet below the earth’s surface and uses this to produce heat and electricity for the nearby towns.The excess water (supposedly totally clean) is pumped into the lagoon and renewed every 40 hours.There were various partitions with seats in the middle surrounded by lockers.Shoes had their own wall compartment and rows of dressers and mirrors lined the walls. Then, I caught a glimpse of the first naked lady and then another changing out there in the open.

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I had never seen so many naked people in one area during that short time.

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