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The tech support does not exist by the way - it is a clunky, very mickey mouse site. It never provided me with a single match, and most of the time the site was broken.It is impossible to contact them - there is no email address provided, only directions to a 'contact form' which is not posted anywhere on the site.So, I definitely wouldn't date a guy who doesn't proudly call himself a feminist, which is why I added "feminists only" to my dating profile.Well, to be specific, I added, "Feminists only (but seriously, if one more guy asks me for nudes, I'm done with men)." Because I really am.Had it not been for my very good understanding of legal term and preparation to fight this in the courts on principle, I am sure these folk would have continued to skim my Itunes account - unbeknownst to me - for the rest of my living years. If only I had read the reviews prior to signing up.The site and app is full of glitches and Elite dating is well um..of Shi*!I am very disappointed that this can be allowed to happen. You won’t need it though because there are literally like twenty people on there you can choose from. I stopped using it after a month because not a single man on there had hair.

The problem is that only bald men in their 50's- 90's, (yes I was sent a match of a dear old man of 88).The cost for a 6 month subscription is 0 and they charge you up front, not by the month.They say you can have a 3 day cooling off period in which to cancel, however, that is if you don't use the services! Can't believe what an idiot I am for signing up. I've spent my entire life surrounded (almost solely) by strong, powerful women, and that's something I don't ever intend to change.It's not that I avoid or dislike men (which way too many people seem to think is what the word "feminism" means), it's just — women are great, and women's rights are incredibly important to me.

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I paid $100 for ONE MONTH, they decide to take another $100 a month later....absolutely disgusting carry on, not matches at all and nothing at all Elite about it other than the price. I paid to join this site thinking I'd get to meet and talk to lots of other serious clients. May actually be quicker to write s letter & post it!