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Multiple sclerosis dating

Trigeminal neuralgia, aka chronic pain along either cheek, can be caused by MS and can make your magic touch seem more like a flaming torch.

Holding hands is all kinds of loving and romantic, but when your date doesn’t want to or seems somewhat less responsive, chances are his or her hands are either sensitive or just plain numb because of the MS.

However, many people do not feel quite as compelled to disclose the fact that they have MS to everyone they encounter, especially in the already strange and fragile world of dating.Similarly, if your date isn’t interested in one more round of drinks, it’s not because the conversation is boring.It’s more likely the restroom is calling, since bladder issues are common with MS.) or that the parking lot doesn’t require long walks from your vehicle to the front door.Cut the person you’re dating some slack if he or she isn’t up to 100 percent. Bad days happen to everybody, whether or not they are living with a chronic disease.

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Believe in the beauty and convenience of take-out and to-go. Go into the relationship feeling that there could be a future with this person.

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