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When I had first gone off the pill and told him we had to use condoms he complained.

He said using a condom feels like clapping with gloves on.

I couldn't focus on anything else and just got into what Alex was doing to me. I disengaged myself from Alex and managed to stand up.

I started to writhe with the motions of his mouth and hoping that I wasn't crushing him. I found the box containing the condoms, but discovered that it was empty.

If this was the case, then he succeeded as I immediately got that brief ache that comes when I'm getting turned on too fast for my body to keep up.

I know unsafe sex is bad, especially since I like to fuck like a sailor on shore leave.

As I stumbled into my place he caught me before I fell.

As soon as Alex had his hands on me I felt him begin to remove my clothes.

However, he lived 75 miles away in Sacramento and we were only able to see each other on the weekends.

I heard Alex groan in displeasure when he realized what I was doing.

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I was as horny as he was and started in by unbuttoning his shirt.