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Mission beach australia fuckchat nigeria

Large retirement funds have been poured into the RV lifestyle and the caravan park industry has acted very opportunistically.

With site fees, even just to pitch a tent, getting into the plus per night region, affordable holidays for ordinary working Australians for are becoming a thing of the past.

A privately leased Council Park will struggle to sustain current occupancy levels with higher site fees.

I for instance, spend my permitted 3 months at the park each year.That constitutes at least 0,000 going into the pockets of council rate paying businesses over just 4 months of the year.Outside of the main tourist season, the park is popular with the overseas campervan hire tourists.this move is set to destroy a transitory community of good people, who are vital to the economy of a small coastal village.If a lessee is going to pay an annual lease equalling or exceeding what the council already recoups from the park, they're going to have to put up site fees considerably.

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