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“Don’t interview each other on date one,” she says.

“You don’t have to solve all the problems and check their resume to see if they’re the exact right person. Dating is a journey and you can’t figure it all out in one date.” In today’s digital world, the team at One on One Matchmaking uses a custom-built database to bring their clients together.

Simply upload your profile and start talking to single women and men in Washington. This can put roadblocks in a potentially great relationship before it even has a chance to start.“Don’t make things harder than they need to be,” she says.“If you kick the wrong one to the curb,” she says, “then you’ll find love.” Trombetti urges caution when it comes to texting, especially early in the relationship. “People tend to be too familiar over text and say intimate things, and then in person won’t even kiss on the lips because there isn’t that familiarity in the relationship yet.” Her advice for meeting the right person is to put yourself in the right situation. Just out off your couch.” With a slew of technological advances and habits, the dating and matchmaking industries—already prime examples of entrepreneurial innovation, as evidenced by Murphy, Miotke and Trombetti—have changed as well.

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The condom became possible after they raised over $1 million from 30,000 backers through crowdfunding.