Michael jackson dating game youtube

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Michael jackson dating game youtube

Jackson also deserved much of the blame, of course.

Continuing to share a bed with children even after the suspicions surfaced bordered on criminal stupidity. It is clear to me that Michael was homosexual and that his taste was for young men, albeit not as young as Jordan Chandler or Gavin Arvizo.

Although up to 100,000 Americans are severely affected by it, it is an under-recognised condition.

Michael was receiving regular injections of Alpha-1 antitrypsin derived from human plasma.

That’s always been Sony’s dream scenario, full ownership.

‘But they don’t want to do it as they’re afraid of a backlash from his fans.

I had started my investigation convinced that Jackson was guilty. I could not find a single shred of evidence suggesting that Jackson had molested a child.

But the disease can cause respiratory problems and, in severe cases, emphysema. ‘Nobody will care, as long as he shows up and moonwalks.’He also revealed Jackson had been offered well over £60million to play Las Vegas for six months.Just a few days before he announced his 50-concert comeback at the O2 Arena, one of my sources told me Jackson had been offered £1.8million to perform at a party for a Russian billionaire on the Black Sea. But the damage to his career, already in trouble before the charges, was incalculable.After the Arvizo trial, a Bahraini sheikh allowed Jackson to stay in his palace, underwriting his lavish lifestyle. He took the money and moonwalked right out the door. He has never returned a phone call from the prince since he left Bahrain.’Although Jackson settled with the sheikh on the eve of the trial that would have aired his financial dirty laundry, the settlement only put him that much deeper into the hole.Shorn of their luxuriance, the Peter Pan of Neverland cut a skeletal figure. To understand why a singer of Jackson’s fragility would even think about travelling to London, we need to go back to June 13, 2005, when my involvement in his story began.It was clear that he was in no condition to do a single concert, let alone 50. As a breaking news alert flashed on CNN announcing that the jury had reached a verdict in Jackson’s trial for allegedly molesting 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo at his Neverland Ranch in California, I knew that history had been made but that Michael Jackson had been broken – irrevocably so, as it proved.

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Could this be why Jackson had for years been wearing a surgical mask in public, to protect his lungs from the ravages of the disease? Could he even stand on a stage for an hour concert? ‘He said no, but his people are trying to force it on him.

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