Meaning of predating

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Richard shaped a unique ring for the girl he left behind.

The ring was fashioned of three symbols; the hands signifying Friendship, holding a heart signifying love, topped with a crown for loyalty.

I have seen them purchased as gifts of love for relationships, families give them as gifts of Irish Heritage and Culture.

People wear them because they love the design and meaning behind them, and In the early 16th century an Irish man by the name of Richard Joyce was fishing off the coast of Galway a week before he was to be married when his currach (boat) capsized.

Richard was captured by pirates, taken to West Africa and sold into slavery to a Moorish goldsmith.

by Keith Jackare a symbol of Love, Loyalty and Friendship.Most are endless knots, and many are varieties of basket weave knots.Spirals, step patterns, and key patterns are dominant motifs in Celtic art before the Christian influence on the Celts, which began around 450 A. These designs found their way into early Christian manuscripts and artwork with the addition of depictions from life, such as animals, plants and even humans.It represents the natural law of life and the interconnection of all living things.The Tree is a powerful and ancient symbol with branches weaving throught time and mythology.

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The Celtic knotwork variations are as endless as the artist’s that create them.

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