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Ihr Ehemann ist mehr an der Arbeit oder seinem Computer interes-siert als daran seiner Frau ein (oder besser: mehrere) Kinder zu machen.

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Sie haben unbändige Lust darauf sich von einem anderen Mann fremd-schwängern zu lassen.

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Would you enjoy having a guy take care of you, and support you, while you spend your days, and nights being a total and complete slut?The voluptuous married wife has an unsatiable desire to be knocked up by other guys.De voluptueuze vrouw heft onverzadigbare begeerte naar bevruchting door andere mannen.______________________________________________________________________Its is quite natural that the modern married wife may have an affair every now and then.Her husband is more interested in his job or computer than to make her one (or more) children.She already has children from her husband, but now desires to have some more with another man.

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