Manually updating songs on ipod

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Manually updating songs on ipod

I think I'm on to something here :) Here's what I did: I changed the .ithmb extension to and loaded the ithmb (raw) file into Photoshop.Photoshop then brings up the "Photoshop Raw Options" dialog. Also, the images come out stretched horizontally.[ *edit: Ah!Does anyone know a windows equivalent of File Juicer? Me Steve the (original) name pirate No, you haven't read the question properly.Yes I have the entire cache with the same structure, however there seems no way to open them on a PC.I have looked the adobe software, that is also designed for downloading the images from the i Pod and will only work if the i Pod is attached. I don't know what apple thought they were doing with this structure and format.

Each half looks the same, but there are subtle differences between them which makes me think it needs to be interleaved.

Just for info the .ithmb store several different versions of the picture, a thumbnail version, another smaller version and a full sized version, so theseare probably the multiple images you are seeing. I just knew you were going to mention that :|So far I think I've been using ithmb's with a single image... The command line I used to output to a PNG file is (all on one line with the source file in the same directory) :convert -size 720x480 -depth 16 -sampling-factor 4:2:2 T114From these ithmbs I've been able to ascertain what the format of the (single picture) files are.

But I've managed to find something that will import the ithmb with the correct YUV colour space. I believe the two images I've been seeing, one on top of the other, are Apple's attempt to change the RAW format.

Steve the (original) name pirate with the structure as defined above located in a "Photos" directory.

I might try and stick the stuff I have onto a USB drive and see if I can trick one of them into thinking it's a Pod.

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