Malayalee dating

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She had more culture and class and virtue than I did.

Therefore, because of almost educational opportunities, she studied in a city I was visiting.

The reason there is so much interest in Kerala women in the Middle East is because they are proportionally higher educated than most parts of Asia.

This perpetuates the cycle of migration and allows them to continue to migrate to places like Dubai and and other Middle Eastern countries for professional jobs (30 years ago it was for blue collar jobs).

Further if you marry an Kerala girl in Dubai for example, you can in one or two generations bring your family from a lower class to an upper class.

Remember class is important in India, although this is going away, it is still a society that has class divisions ingrained in their collective unconsciousness.

The result is they are now considered from a higher class as their incomes are disproportionately higher than the new wave of migrant worker families.

What happened was the Kerala women and men worked in places like UAE and sent money back home, this facilitated the development of Kerala land and perpetuated a cycle of workers going to the gulf states.

Her education and luck of geogrpahy allowed us to bridge the artificial gap of culture and our minds and hearts could connect.

In fact I feel honored she accepted me, some uncultured American cowboy.

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In fact it is considered generally as the most develop part of India.

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