Madum dating updating smackdown vs raw 2016

Posted by / 07-Mar-2020 10:09

Madum dating

Tinder It is also known as hookup app and the teens are most frequent user of the dating app.

Tinder has got so much appreciation for dating point of view, but it has put teens security on stake.

Teens who have little understanding of privacy settings mostly become the victims of stalkers and sexual predators.

Facebook Since last a decade, the Facebook social messaging app is one of the fastest growing instant messengers and it has almost over 1.5 billion active users to date.

Android cell phone technology has hit the world by storm and almost everyone owns a smartphone that is running on Android OS.

Its friendly user interface provides fascinating experience when it comes to the use of social networking apps and dating apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Whats App, and Snapchat.

Almost 60% of teens are using the Instagram app as dating app on their android phones and the cyber predators have made the platform quite dangerous for the teens.

A user can share photos, private chat and shared content on the social messaging app.

Instagram Instagram is one of the leading social media and dating app and it is also known as photo-sharing app owned by Facebook.

Sexting, obsession, and health issues are common in young teens.

However, the presence of the online predators such as cyber bullies, stalkers, child abusers and sexual predators are always in the search of young teens because they are soft targets and easy to trap online. Parents should look after their teens to the fullest and they should monitor the apps on android phones of their teens.

The presence of cyber predators on the dating and social media apps has forced especially parents to monitor their kids and teens android phones if they have installed the instant messaging apps on their phones.

Moreover, young teens have started making online matches for blind dates without having the prior information about the online friends to whom they go for meeting in real-life.

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