Maci bookout dating gary shirley

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Maci bookout dating gary shirley

Baby Steps - Amber decides she wants to move away to help put an end to her and Gary's fighting.Farrah can't stand living under parent's roof any longer.Maci and Ryan struggle to get on at Bentley's first birthday party.Amber copes with being a single parent whilst planning Leah's first birthday and Farrah makes peace with her own mother.Newly single Amber considers accepting help from an ex and Farrah wonders if she should stay at home with her daughter, Sophia. Catelynn worries her boyfriend, Tyler's dad may be sent to jail again.

Bentley claimed he was trying to avoid going to the bathroom at school because the other children “make fun of people who go No. She told him to tell the bullies that, “I’d rather be pooping at school than be full of s*** like you!

Catelynn Lowell moves back in with her disapproving parents whilst Amber Portwood's anxiety over her parenting abilities threatens to get the better of her. Fallout - Catelynn's family lash out over her choice to give her baby up for adoption.

Amber and her fiance, Gary Shirley have relationship troubles.

Farrah also explained how she is embracing the single life and that her daughter Sophia “likes to be involved” in her dating decisions.

In a shocking revelation, Catelynn Lowell and her husband Tyler Baltierra admitted they had not seen their firstborn daughter whom they placed up for adoption in almost two years!

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Shirley requested that Leah be dropped off early to surprise his daughter with his new house which Amber thought was him rubbing his success in her face.